Refining and Assembly of rollers

Rollers grinding and fluting device

A.J. te Riele Vaassen MT is a specialized company in grinding, profiling and assembling of rollers for grinding all different products.
For the processing of crushing and flake rolls, we refer you to the page DPT-Netherlands BV.
In addition to grinding and re-profiling, we also take care of the technical preconditions such as:

  • Bearing (dis)assembly (according to SKF conditions);
  • Installing and removing the rollers and setting them on location +.

Revision milling machines

Renewing wearing parts and assembling, adjusting and making your roller seat/crumbler ready for operation. Other mill machines are also the work of our specialized field staff.

The field staff are trained with VCA+ and BHV. They are also in possession of a forklift truck certificate.

Adjusting mill installations

A.J te Riele Vaassen MT takes care of adjusting your diagram and installing the necessary machines for you. We help you with the start-up, train your operators and guide you in adjusting the machine. This is for our daily work.

Bearing mounting training


Bearing mounting

- Bearing Inspection- Calculations- Clearance measurements- Handling hydraulic mounting- Prepress and Settings- Bearing mounting- Lubricate bearing-Mounting and lubricating a bearing is a crucial step in an optimally running machine.With the SKF hydraulic pressing method you can count on a maximum perfect mounting method and a guarantee for the life and running hours of a bearing.By means of this method it is possible to use the bearing several times without losing its turning properties.



Due to the hydrolic pressing method, the same result is achieved by all.The reproducibility of the bearing mounting method is ensured.The calculation via the SKF program ensures a continuous quality of the uplift method.Where one stops, the other can continue under the same conditions.


End result

Your rollers are prepared to be placed in the machine without any further processing.A.J. te Riele Vaassen BV has been working with transport frames for years.Benefit:- The frames are stackable- Up to 1'500 kg in 1 frame, with higher weights 1 roller is used per frame- The frames are all the same size.- Due to the size and stackability, costs are saved in transport (loading meters)- ARBO technically responsible storage and transport- If desired secured with a lashing strap